Exceptional Deals on Inspected, Lightly-Used Scooters.

Open Box and Refurbished Scooters

Each BLVD Electric Scooters Refurbished product undergoes an exhaustive refurbishment journey, encompassing comprehensive testing and stringent quality checks held to the identical standards as brand-new BLVD electric scooters. Your revitalised scooter is assured to be "like new," while unlocking tremendous savings.

How the refurbish process works

Refurbished & Tested

Product is screened, repaired, tested, and cleaned to brand-new standards.

Scooter Repackaged

In a BLVD Refurbished box with all standard accessories (including charger) and manual.

Warranty Included

Standard 12-month warranty identical to a fresh BLVD electric scooter.

Ready For Delivery

Enjoy exceptional savings and hassle-free delivery, ready for your new adventures.


Uncover the realm of meticulously revitalised electric scooters that combine cost savings with uncompromised quality. Our FAQ section below addresses your enquiries, guiding you through the excellence of BLVD Electric Scooters' refurbished offerings.

Refurbished scooters are pre-owned models that have undergone a comprehensive restoration process. They are meticulously tested, repaired, and restored to ensure they meet BLVD's high-quality standards

Our refurbishment process involves thorough inspection, replacement of worn parts, and rigorous testing. This process ensures that the scooter performs like new and is safe for your riding adventures.

Absolutely! Each refurbished scooter undergoes rigorous testing and quality assurance to ensure its reliability and safety. They come with the same level of performance you'd expect from a brand-new BLVD scooter.

Refurbished scooters have been previously owned, but they are restored to excellent condition through our refurbishment process. New scooters are untouched and straight from the factory. Both options provide top-notch performance, but refurbished scooters offer significant cost savings.

Yes, all our refurbished scooters are backed by a warranty. This warranty covers potential defects in materials and workmanship, providing you with peace of mind as you embark on your scooter journeys.